Digital spring cleaning

Some good old spring cleaning never hurt anyone. I already did mine at home, surprisingly, so I thought I’d have a digital one at work.
I found some interesting footage I completely forgot about and it actually was really fun to come across some old images.

Luc and Marcin left for the Maldives to go do a photoshoot. So for the next couple of days I’m on my own, guarding the fort. And although some pity might be place, it’s giving me the opportunity to get some neglected jobs done. Like reorganising my computer, discovering some lost pictures in the process…

Our week has been packed with interesting bookings. Unfortunately I can only release the images once the shoots go public. We had some bookings for Nina magazine with some well known Belgian women, a workshop with Mike Van Cleven, A video commercial for PUMA and the campaign for women by CKS fashion.

The last few days we had our studio filled with “babes” for a huge production. Considering the paper I just signed it would be a very bad idea to start talking about what’s happening here. You’ll find out by the time the European Championship football starts…

So, the lost footage. Here it is.

We were proud to host Nike last summer for the presentation of the new Nike AIR royalty high. Here’s a clip of the event by the press and some pictures.

Admit it, isn’t this the most original catering you’ve ever seen? Macarons, cotton candy and baby blue cupcakes.

Spokesperson for Nike Élodie Ouédraogo.

Last summer I felt like making a stop-motion video of a shoot. When we received the offer to photograph a Porsche, I took the opportunity to make it. I sadly neglected it a bit after that and the pictures just sat there, lonely in a map on my computer. I dusted them of and poured them into a small video.
Take a look.

And to end this post, here’s the proof of how sneaky my colleague gets when holding a camera, I had no clue whatsoever when this picture was taken (compliments to him, I think that’s a very good quality to be able to photograph people unnoticed) . I had to find the picture in some long lost folder.

So to top everything off I wish all of you a blissful time in the sun and a happy spring everybody!

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